"Nobody is in agreement…It’s that, no one says it and no one takes the risk to say it, to speak the truth. That’s what is happening. In other words, one of the foundations, of what are the regimes in the entire world, in all of history, has been fear and lies. In other words, once you are in fear that's when you don’t take a risk, where you collect yourself and don’t unite…understood? To be in fear is not to offer help to anyone because that signifies risk." -Gorki Águila Carrasco, lead singer, guitarist of the music group Porno Para Ricardo and political prisoner
"Socialist ideology, like so many others, has two main dangers. One stems from confused and incomplete readings of foreign texts, and the other from the arrogance and hidden rage of those who, in order to climb up in the world, pretend to be frantic defenders of the helpless so as to have shoulders on which to stand." --Jose Marti

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Thursday, June 7, 2007


We greatly appreciate the work done by Cuba Archive. Their work is immensely important and will be honored in this website. In fact it is one of the reasons why this website was created.

translation of an article from Cuba Archive:

Ignacio Estrada Cepero, Agencia Jóvenes sin Censura Bitácora Cubana, 2 de febrero de 2007, Quemado de Güines

On Monday, January 29, 2007 a prisoner with AIDS died by hanging, Ricardo Pérez Hernández, known as "Papillo", according to reports from the activist for Human Rights José Vicente Ribalta Carrazana, by telephone from Territorial AIDS Prison, sita en Carretera Planta Mecánica, Kilómetro 1 ½, Ciudad de Santa Clara, Villa Clara. Ricardo Pérez Hernández was in jail for common crimes and it is not known as of now why he committed suicide, although he did it in a punishment cell. Ribalta Carrazana added: "Papillo announced publicly to the prisoners and officials that he wasn't going to stop until he killed himself. Pérez Carrazana was emotionally unstable, commonly found in persons who suffer from HIV/AIDS and have prison terms”. According to the source, "Ricardo Pérez Hernández, know to us as Papillo, committed suicide. I don't blame him for what he did, I blame the prison regime that exists in Cuba and its leaders. I blame the Jail and Prison Directory of jails and prisons of Villa Clara and the the psychologist Vilma for the misfeasance in matters such as these. It happens daily, not only deaths, self infliction of wounds including burns, amputations of fingers, cut veins and so on. Public opinion and the Cuban people must know what is going on in Cuban prisons”. The rest of the prisoners held a minute of silence this Tuesday for the deceased, in addition to giving condolences by telephone to the family of ‘Papillo’.

Youth Without Censors Press Agency (The Cuban government denies this agency its legitimacy).

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