"Nobody is in agreement…It’s that, no one says it and no one takes the risk to say it, to speak the truth. That’s what is happening. In other words, one of the foundations, of what are the regimes in the entire world, in all of history, has been fear and lies. In other words, once you are in fear that's when you don’t take a risk, where you collect yourself and don’t unite…understood? To be in fear is not to offer help to anyone because that signifies risk." -Gorki Águila Carrasco, lead singer, guitarist of the music group Porno Para Ricardo and political prisoner
"Socialist ideology, like so many others, has two main dangers. One stems from confused and incomplete readings of foreign texts, and the other from the arrogance and hidden rage of those who, in order to climb up in the world, pretend to be frantic defenders of the helpless so as to have shoulders on which to stand." --Jose Marti

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Martin Family

The Martin Family

Armando Martín Vázquez, Age 34,
Mercedes Romero Vargas, Age 32,
and son Yuniel Martín Romero, Age 11.
Residents of Mariel, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
Drowned August 7, 1994 in the Florida Straits attempting to flee Cuba for the United States.

The family left on a small boat from Mariel, Pinar del Rio Province, with another family of three, by the last name Busot. On another boat was a group of 5 or 6 relatives, also from Mariel.

On August 7, 1994, in the Florida Straits, a storm developed and their boat capsized and they plus the Busot couple drowned. Only the child of the Busot family was saved, as he was pulled to safety unto the other boat.

Sources: Testimony by Armando Martín's uncle, resident of Florida, March 2006.The survivors, who made it to Florida, told the story on local media, including Channel 23.

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